Here at Averna, we run our restaurant with that Italian passion for food and family. We see all of our customers, regular or brand new, as part of the Averna family too. Part of our story.

We're constantly working on developing the best menu's and our offer to customers. With a huge desire to give all our customers an experience that reflects our love and passion. 

Which is why we're asking for you to come and join us on our social channels. We have lots of content on there, with offers, competitions and all of our latest news.

We also believe in listening to our customer. In the past, we've added popular requests to our menu's, stocked a new wine, after a customer recommendation.

And our social channels are a perfect way for you to share all of this with us. So, if it's feedback, suggestions or simply sharing a pic of you and your family and friends enjoying a night at Averna, be part of our story and follow us.